how to make toys with paper

Making Toys With Paper

Making toys with paper can be a fun, simple and inexpensive activity. From origami to paper mache, there are many way to recycle, upcycle and create different paper toys. Here is a guide to creating your own eco-friendly paper toys:


  • Gather your materials: colorful paper, a ruler and a pair of scissors
  • Choose an origami design – the internet, books or magazines are great sources of inspiration
  • Using the ruler, measure out the paper and cut into the desired shape
  • Fold the paper following the origami instructions
  • Be sure to press the folds firmly to ensure the origami object does not lose its shape

Paper Mache

  • Gather your materials: paper (toilet paper, newspaper, cardstock or any other type of paper), warm water and glue
  • Find a mold for your paper mache shape – you can use a balloon, paper mache box, or other type of container as a mold
  • Tear the paper into small pieces and place in a bowl. Soak the paper in warm water and mix together until the paper is soggy
  • Stir two parts glue or starch with one part water in a pot over medium-low heat
  • Remove the paper mache mold and place it on a flat surface. Start by covering the outside of the mold with the wet paper. Press each piece of paper into the mold until there is a thin layer over the entire surface
  • Allow to dry for a few hours and then repeat the same process until the desired thickness is achieved


Making toys with paper is a fun and creative way to repurpose and recycle materials. Whether it’s origami or paper mache, you can make unique and imaginative toys with only a few materials. So, grab some paper, use your imagination and have fun!

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